Hello World

I’m going to try blogging again. Consider it a New Year’s resolution of mine. I was going to start it last Thursday, but I’ve been staring at an empty blog template every day since then. I was waiting for inspiration. That was my excuse. It was a poor excuse. I should really know better by now.

I had a scriptwriting professor back at Ithaca who used to say, “Inspiration will fail you.” It wasn’t to demotivated us. It was an expression to keep us writing a little each day even if we felt as though we had nothing. Genius comes from that kind of practice. How are you ever going to pull something clever from your brain if it’s blocked by other crap? You need to relieve that mental constipation first.

I like the way she said it better.

I hate making my first blog post be about me starting to blog again. It’s bad luck as far as I’m concerned. I had a decent blog on another platform that I kept for almost two years before it faded away into oblivion. It was easy to write in when I had just moved to Ohio and had no friends, but once I started meeting people, it felt wrong to write about them on the internet behind their backs. So I just kind of stopped.

I tried to start over a few times. Each time I did an introduction blog like this one and I think that was bad luck because it never actually lasted. I ended up with a series of posts titled, “This time I’m Actually Going to Start this up Again!” I even tried a few spin-off blogs that failed. So if anybody is actually reading this, I can’t guarantee it will last. But I’m hopeful. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’m not even entirely sure what I’m going to blog about. I just like to have a platform to share my thoughts even if nobody actually reads them. It makes me feel like I’m making my mark on the world. Also I’ve always enjoyed personal creative projects. It’s important to keep an active brain. Everything good I’ve done at work has been a result of a personal hobby that I’ve taken into a professional environment. This can really only be a positive experience.

So there it is. My blog. Or at least a post introducing my blog. It might be the only one I ever do, but it’s a start. Was it gold? No. But maybe it’s just a little crap to make way for the great stuff.

Happy 2014!



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