Busting Point

I overlooked a crucial resolution for 2014 which was weight loss.  But I want everyone to think I’m a hipster and that goal is way too mainstream for this blog.  The last thing I want to do is be that one additional fat guy in an overcrowded gym because it’s January.  I’d rather be the only fat guy in an empty gym because it’s March and everyone else has surrendered to the Burger King.  

Unfortunately I have no other option.  I’ve reached busting point.  That’s the point when my belt is officially on it’s last notch.  It’s the point where I start to “Hulk out” of my polo shirts.  And I’m not referring to the muscular, green Hulk that we all know and love. I’m talking about the fat, sad Hulk who eats his feelings.

“You won’t like me when I’m gassy.”

I’ve taken on the task of losing weight.  Not just a little weight, but 30 pounds of the stuff.  I’m essentially shedding over 3 large babies worth of my fat.  

Once I do I am going to buy myself a new computer.  That’s the pot of gold at the end of what is going to be a exhausting, sweaty, rainbow. But I think I’m ready. This isn’t the first time I’ve challenged myself to lose over ten pounds and succeeded. I just need to learn to keep it off. Here’s hoping I do this time.



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