Glasshole, Pain in the Glass, Kiss my Glass, Tight Glass…

I tried Google Glass today.  My friend decided it was the right time to be an early adopter.  I decided it was the right time to mooch off an early adopter.

I only wore it for a couple minutes, but I was quite impressed.  In that short time frame I recorded a video, snapped a photo, sent a text message, and found directions to the nearest Italian restaurant, all using the power of my voice and a head jerk motion that slightly resembles a nervous twitch.

I didn’t wear it long enough to really get a feel for it.  I still have my concerns over what the world will be like when this is officially released in consumer form.  These concerns were only fueled today when I discovered that the product is pretty fun and works quite well.  I can envision a dinner with friends five years down the line where I’m physically smacking this technology off someone’s face.  Until then it’s too soon to tell how this might affect the way we live our lives.

My new text-reading face.
My new text-reading face.

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