Did I Mention this is Going to Suck?

With two songs written and the instrumentals recorded for each, I was feeling ambitious enough to lay down the vocals last Friday.  This has become the last step of the process for me (apart from mixing), because I no longer live in my parents' basement and the amount of noise I make matters.  I'm loud and... Continue Reading →


I’m not a Musician

I doubt it's common, when beginning a large-scale creative project, to come to terms with the fact that you have almost zero skill in the medium you've chosen to work in.  Some might take this as me being humble or fishing for a compliment, but I'm being honest in a sad way.  I have very... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Cleve

In the past week I've settled on a personal project that I'm going to run with.  I'm going to write and record my fourth album.  Let's back up a second though for anyone who was confused by that last sentence.  I'm not actually a recording artist.  I'm not even technically a musician.  I play some... Continue Reading →

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