I’m not a Musician

I doubt it’s common, when beginning a large-scale creative project, to come to terms with the fact that you have almost zero skill in the medium you’ve chosen to work in.  Some might take this as me being humble or fishing for a compliment, but I’m being honest in a sad way.  I have very little musical talent.  At least, very little talent in the way I define being “musically talented.”

Can I put together a song in standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus form?  Yes and I can even throw in a pre-chorus or two.  Can I play a catchy chord on a guitar or piano?  Sure.  I can even put several chords together!  Can I play a riff so sexy that it will make somebody pregnant?  No and I can live with that.  

The way I record my songs is a lot more like editing a video or writing a blog post.  I record one instrument at a time, usually without writing the entire song beforehand.  I just see what happens when it all comes together.  Most of the time I just have a theme in mind and write lyrics later.  Sometimes the music is completely recorded before I even know what the song is going to be about.

Once I’m finished recording the song in its entirety, I probably don’t even remember how to play it live.  And if I do, I probably can’t sing it without the aid of auto-tune.  Because of that, I can’t call myself a musician.  Since most of the songs I write are very autobiographical, I can probably say that I’m becoming proficient in musical blogging.  If that’s not already a term, I’d like to go ahead and claim that now.  I am creating a 12-song musical blog.  

And it’s going to be mag fab. 


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