Avoiding Helmet Head

Samantha called me up this past weekend to tell me she was bored.  I call her Samantha because I don’t like using real names in blogs.  I’m afraid one of my forty-something followers is going to track her down and poach her.  I can’t afford that.  She’s British.  And she may be just as white... Continue Reading →


A Chance of Love in a Sea of Butts

This Starbucks is extra crowded this morning.  I shouldn't have picked the seat closest to the register.  Every minute there's a new butt in my face.  Big butts, small butts, tight butts, saggy butts.  Just a variety pack of various styles and sizes of butts.  In a bar this might be known as a flight... Continue Reading →

What’s it Like Above the Clouds?

When I'm the first person to sit down in my row on an airplane, I typically spend the rest of the boarding process judging passengers as the come down the aisle.  If it's a cute girl, I pray to the airline gods that, unlike my crushes on the bus ride to high school, she has... Continue Reading →

Snapping and Chatting

Signing up for Snapchat did nothing but send me into a cyclone of thought about human connectivity. It started whenever Snapchat became a "thing" and I told everyone that I didn't like it.  I said the same thing about Foursquare when it first came out.  A few years later, once Foursquare had started losing its... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Thought Leadership

April was a hectic month.  I spent a total of three weeks on the road shooting videos and managing several projects from a remote location, which is never an easy task.  It was grueling.  It was stressful.  It was self-gratifying. The busier we are, the more important we feel.  Sometimes I think people secretly compete to see... Continue Reading →

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