Shower Bath Time

A traditional tanka is apparently like a haiku, but contains two additional lines of seven syllables.

So the syllable count is 5-7-5-7-7.

The word tanka was foreign to me until reading about it on The Daily Post.

The true color of my shower was foreign to me until I started cleaning last night.  What was that like?  I’ll tell you.

Jess called me up on
A beautiful summer day.
She spoke with purpose
When she told me my bathroom
“Looked like someone died inside.”

“It’s just my shower.”
I explained in my defense.
“It’s cleaned every day
with a stream of warm water
that drips down from my body.”

“But your body’s gross.”
Jess shouted through the speaker.
“You’re covered in dirt.
A day’s worth of dirt that drips
everywhere the water goes.”

I went to the store.
Straight to the cleaning section.
Snatching up supplies
like bleach, gloves, scrubbers, face masks,
and a Snickers for the road.

A woman helped me.
The checkout line was too long,
And I wanted out.
She opened her register,
And laughed at my strange purchase.

The shower was gross.
Ohio water is gross.
My bathroom was gross.
So I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed.
Until all the gross was gone.

And I discovered
to my wonder and surprise,
that the tub I use
wasn’t shades of brownish tan,
but really a solid white.

The lesson is learned.
I know so much better now.
I will never wait
longer than fifteen months to
clean that which cleans me again.


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