Tooth and Nail

It’s embarrassing to tell the truth,
Of how, last week, I chipped my tooth.
I was answering emails of high demand,
When my mouth clamped down upon my hand.

I was munching away when I heard a crack,
I pulled out my thumb to examine the snack,
It appeared I had an epic fail,
When my tooth came down upon my nail.

While that sounds a bit deranged,
I promise you, it’s not that strange.
This reasoning should do it service;
I bite my fingers when I get nervous.

Last week, as you can probably guess,
I was under a lot of stress.
And it wasn’t just me who who felt scared,
The news of the world left us all impaired.

An Ebola patient decided to fly,
to a city that is real close by.
The panic we felt was impossible to measure,
the one time someone went to Cleveland for pleasure.

The stock market outlook was murky,
as ISIS drew closer and closer to Turkey.
There was just so much news that we feared,
We didn’t realize Kim Jong Un reappeared.

The good news was that my tooth was okay,
There would be no filling, there would be no decay.
The tiny piece that broke and fell out,
was small enough to do without.

I decided it would be best,
to give my senses a rest.
With plenty more teeth to lose,
I picked up the remote and turned off the news.


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