How Game Mechanics Tell Stories

This past week I wanted to try my hand at something a little different.  I’ve recently become a huge fan of in-depth video game essays.

Like Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit.

Or Cagey Videos.

Or [Game Array] (which is run by a friend of mine and I help fund because the videos are awesome).

My video is not nearly close to the quality of the those from the channels above.  Yet, I love storytelling and I love video games, so I figured I would give it a shot.


3 thoughts on “How Game Mechanics Tell Stories

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  1. This is pretty good for a first attempt at a video essay. In the last few years, this genre has exploded on YouTube but there aren’t as many creators of it in gaming as there are in film, so there’s definitely room for more people to produce quality content in that specific area.

    1. Thank you! I’m definitely interested in contributing to the conversation from time to time. I’d love to see more content that appeals to “non-gamers” who might dismiss games as mindless entertainment. I want people to see how far the industry has come and that there are some incredible stories being told outside more traditional mediums.

      1. That sounds great. With all the negative press surrounding video games at the moment—they’re sexist, violent—more people need to know about how much good the industry has done and is doing. Gaming’s contribution to technological growth is an ample sign of that.

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