The Ups and Downs of Video Production

The above piece was conceived by my colleague, Addie, during a meeting where we were discussing new ideas for employer branded content.  We chose Felicia to be our host because she's adaptable and can make people feel comfortable in awkward when your elevator ride turns into an interview. I love projects like this. When... Continue Reading →


Story #5: Mindi is a Progressive Woman

This week I tried something that I find very difficult  I told a story that didn't have me as its central figure. My colleague, Felicia nominated Mindi for this award and we were all very excited when it was announced that she was going to be honored at this event in the Cleveland area.  I decided... Continue Reading →

Story-a-Week Challenge

Having gone through a bit of a dry spell with this blog and creative personal projects in general, I've decided to challenge myself to tell a story every week using video as the medium.  Some might be vlogs, some might be short films, some might be mini-documentaries...I'm not really holding myself to a format.  The... Continue Reading →

Photographing Antiques

My mom’s new hobby is going to local antique stores to find creative inspiration for her photographs.  Her latest purchase was an old typewriter.  She replaced the ribbon and it still works great.  It also photographs nicely in the dim light of our dining room. Once I figured out how to use it, I spent... Continue Reading →

Party in the Freezer

Well it's official.  In preparation for the album I'm working on in my spare time, I subscribed to a service that puts my music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Beats, and more.  Just search Eric Licht.  You can also listen to the full song using the link below without having to pay my attention... Continue Reading →

Back in the Basement

Ah yes...the Ping Pong Table Recording Studio in my parents' basement.  When I was home from school on summer and winter breaks, I used to blow up an air mattress and sleep right below it.  I'd work in the supermarket deli by day and lay down tracks upon tracks of carefully recorded riffs, beats, and... Continue Reading →

Limericks on False Assumptions

There was a mechanic named Bob Who praised Jesus like it was his job. I found this bizarre, But he fixed up my car And made this Jew feel like a snob. A girl and I started to speak In an online dating boutique. Though she played off me, She didn't like coffee. Our "relationship" lasted a... Continue Reading →

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