The Vicious Toe

My hypochondria has been pretty bad lately.  Every year there are a few solid months where I have at least three life-threatening ailments.  Sometimes it’s a heart problem, other times it’s sepsis, one time it was hantavirus.  This yeah I have five illnesses so far.  All cancers.  It began with a new mole on the... Continue Reading →


How I Killed Chivalry

On a flight from Tampa to Akron, I encountered a woman with a big, red bag that was almost twice as large as as she was.  She was about forty years old and 5’ 2” with dark hair, glasses and very little patience.  I was walking behind her when boarding the plane, giving me a... Continue Reading →

Tooth and Nail

It’s embarrassing to tell the truth, Of how, last week, I chipped my tooth. I was answering emails of high demand, When my mouth clamped down upon my hand. I was munching away when I heard a crack, I pulled out my thumb to examine the snack, It appeared I had an epic fail, When... Continue Reading →

Limericks on Hypochondria

I found a strange lump on my limb, At the doctor's I showed it to him. He said, "Just to recap, That lump is your kneecap." And now my condition's not grim. My girlfriend was sharing her Coke, When she started to cough and choke. I spit out the Cola, For fear of Ebola. She... Continue Reading →

This Space for Rent

Last Wednesday, I arrived at my apartment around nine o'clock at night.  I'm young, full of energy and still able to work for long periods of time without becoming too exhausted.  That being said, I still greet the end of a thirteen hour work day with the emotion one might exhibit after being liberated from... Continue Reading →

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